Parish Council meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month (except for May) at 7.30 pm at Burton Village Hall in Highburton.  The dates up to the end of 2019 are listed below.

There are also a number of Committees, which meet on a varying level of frequency, normally on either the first or third Thursday.  The dates will be posted below when they have been agreed.  Those held on the first Thursday will be held at Burton Village Hall.  Meetings held on other evenings may be held either at Burton Village Hall or at one of the libraries in the Parish.  Please see the agenda (when published) for full details of the meeting venue and starting time.

The agendas will be available from links below around 4 - 6 days before the meeting. Council agendas are also put up on the various noticeboards and in libraries across the Parish, as well as at Burton Village Hallage.  Draft minutes are issued to the 3 libraries in the Parish at the same time as the agenda for the following meeting is produced.  They can be requested from the Clerk.  The Council agenda and minutes are also issued electronically to those on the e-mailing list.  If you would like to be included in the circulation, please email the Clerk with your email address.  The confirmed minutes are uploaded to the website after they have been approved at the following Council meeting. 

All meetings are open to the public and have a session at the start when members of the public can speak on any issues included in the Council / Committee remit. 

Disabled Facilities at the Village Hall

Access: Council meetings are held in the main hall, which is fully accessible to people with mobility problems and wheelchair users.  Committee meetings are normally held in one of the smaller rooms.  If you have mobility problems or are a wheelchair user and you would like to attend a committee meeting, please let us know in advance so that we can ensure that is held in a room which is fully accessible.  Although it is usually possible to make adjustments on the evening, if necessary.

Parking: There is a limited number of parking spaces around the village hall.  If you give us advance notice, we could arrange a parking space close to the entrance.

Please see the Kirklees’ website for details of disabled facilities at the libraries.