Kirkburton Parish Council is located to the south east of Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, covering an area of 22 sq miles, taking in 11 villages in 8 electoral wards.  The latest population figure for the Parish is 2014, which shows that the size of the resident population was 26,804 people.   Further statistical information on the Parish is available from the West Yorkshire Observatory   Check the map to find out which ward you live in.  A more detailed map of the Kirkheaton ward can be downloaded here.

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There are 25 Councillors, who offer their services free of charge.  They are elected every 4 years with the next elections being scheduled for May 2019.

The Council has 2 allotment gardens, maintains the majority of Kirkheaton Churchyard, and owns the freehold of Shelley Village Hall, currently leased for 125 years to Shelley Community Association.  The Council provides hanging baskets, Christmas trees, poppy wreaths and supplies dog wastebags.  It also provides and maintains a number of public seats across its area, and carries out a variety of environmental projects across the Parish.  It operates a comprehensive grant scheme open to all community or not-for-profit organisations, to support projects of benefit to a section of the residents, including financial support to groups wishing to provide defibrillators in their villages.  Further information on all of the schemes can be found on the Grants Page

Find out more about the Parish Council and how you can be involved from this leaflet: Information Leaflet