Kirkburton Parish Council is located to the south east of Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, covering an area of 22 sq miles, taking in 11 villages in 8 electoral wards.  The latest population figure for the Parish is 2021, which shows that the size of the resident population was 25,749 people.   Further statistical information on the Parish is available from

Check the map to find out which ward you live in. 

A larger scale map for the Kirkheaton ward can be downloaded below.  The thick black line indicates the outside boundary of the Parish Council area, whilst the thin red lines indicate Parish ward boundaries.


There are 25 Councillors, who offer their services free of charge.  They are elected every 4 years with the next elections being scheduled for May 2027.

The Council has 2 allotment gardens, maintains the majority of Kirkheaton Churchyard, and owns the freehold of Shelley Village Hall, currently leased until 2137 to Shelley Community Association.  The Council provides hanging baskets, Christmas trees, poppy wreaths and supplies dog wastebags where they have been requested.  It provides and maintains a number of public seats across its area.  It operates a comprehensive grant scheme open to all community groups (subject to various conditions), to support projects of benefit to residents. Further information can be found by clicking the Grants tab above. 

The Council has carried out various projects in the past - details of which can be found elsewhere on this site.  They included planting 1,000 fruit trees in community areas across the parish, producing and reviewing 10 Parish Walks and organising volunteer-led walks along the 10 Parish Walks, providing free workshops on fruit tree pruning.  There have also been free trials for residents wishing to try out on an electric bike.

The Council provides Village Improvement Funding, which can be used to fund or contribute towards the costs of projects supported by the local residents, such as additional Christmas lights in Lepton, printing of posters for a Christmas production, improvements to sports grounds maintained by community groups, purchasing additional litter bins to name but a few.  Full details of projects supported can be found in each year's Annual Report.  The projects need to be sponsored by one of the local councillors, so please contact them if you have something which would be of benefit to your village, but for which funding is required.

There is also a number of websites maintained by the Council, which provide historical and tourist information.

It is working with the community group in Kirkheaton on the production of a neighbourhood plan for the area.

Its aim is to represent the views of its local residents to Kirklees Council and other outside bodies.  People are encouraged to let the Council know if there is an issue, with which it can help.  Meetings are held on a monthly basis and all meetings have a section set aside for the public to speak and make known their issues and views.  Alternatively, they can contact one of their local Parish Councillors or the Clerk.  The Council will support the local residents wherever possible.