Dog Wastebag Dispensers

More Dog Wastebag Dispensers Installed!Dog Waste Bag Dispenser

The Parish Council has installed a total of 24 dispensers right across the Parish - the full list of locations is below.  (LP = Lamp Post):  Please tie up tightly before putting the filled bags into the ordinary litter bins, which will be emptied on a regular schedule by Kirklees Council.

Farnley Tyas: 

LP1 Woodsome Road

LP8 The Village


LP2 Manor House

Grange Moor

LP2 Briestfield Road 

LP4 Back Lane by the children’s play park


LP16 by Highburton Recreation Ground. 

LP29 Moor Lane - owned by Kirklees


LP46 Huddersfield Road, adj to the junction with Box Ings Lane.


LP8 Bankfield Lane
Fields Rise (by the library)
Lascelles Hall:
On Lascelles Hall Road, by the footpath entrance


LP35 Rowley Lane, by entrance to wood, above the school

LP60 Rowley Lane, by the church

LP15 Highgate Lane

Fields Road, at the entrance to the playing fields 

LP99 (behind the Doctor's surgery)


LP11 The Whinns 

LP9 on Hawthorne Way (by the footpath)


LP1 Stonecroft Gardens
LP1 Firth Street
LP18 Station Road
Jos Lane, entrance to the public footpath


LP1 Cross Lane


LP2 The Green

Please encourage people to pick up after their dogs, and if you see anyone walking away from it, please report to the Kirklees Dog Warden Service.

Tel 01484 414739; Email .  People can be fined if there is a successful conviction. 

Councillors voluntarily fill up the dispensers on a fairly regular basis, but certain dispensers appear to be emptied completely almost as soon as they are filled.  Please remember, dog walkers should take their own bags with them, and use the Parish Council's as an emergency supply.  They are there for everyone, so don't take someone else's share.

Please don't abuse this free supply, and only take one when you need it. 


Farnley Tyas: Cllr Robert Barraclough, Grange Moor: Cllr Marjorie Wheelhouse,  Kirkburton & Highburton: Cllr Derek Hardcastle, Kirkheaton:  Cllr Clare Walters,  Lascelles Hall & Lepton: Cllr Steve Beresford; Shelley: Cllr Tricia Moores, Shepley: Cllr John Cowan, Stocksmoor & Thurstonland: Cllr Robert Barraclough.    Their contact details are on the Contacts Page Please contact the Clerk if you have any issues with those in Flockton.