Small Annual Grants 2025-26

The Small Annual Grant scheme will be launched in September 2024.  Grants of up to £300 will be available for community groups based in the Parish.  Clock grants of up to £250 will be available to churches and other community organisations, which are responsible for maintaining a public clock. 

NB: The forms are labelled 2025-26 as the grants are paid out in the next financial year.

The forms and rules for both schemes will be uploaded in September.

Closing Date for receipt of completed forms & attachments:
Friday 25 October 2024.  Late applications will automatically be refused.
Please email your form wherever possible and put SMALL ANNUAL GRANT or CLOCK GRANT in the subject line.

If you are delivering your application by hand, please put it in the Village Hall main post box, which is located to the left of the main door, when facing the building. 

Key Dates:
September 2024: Forms available from the website, Burton Village Hall, Parish Councillors + Clerk
25 October 2024: Deadline for returning completed forms + constitutions (small annual grants only)
January 2025: The list of grant applications with the Council's decisions will be posted to this page.
April / May 2025: Funding issued

The outcome of the applications can be found in the November Grants & Community Projects Committee minutes. These are accessed via the Reports tab above.  Please note individual notifications are no longer issued.