Kirkheaton Neighbouhood Plan

The Council continues to work with the people in Kirkheaton on a Neighbourhood Plan for Kirkheaton (Part of Kirkburton Civil Parish and encompassing the ward of Kirkheaton excluding the areas of Battyeford & Colne Bridge to the North-North East of the ward).  Please see the map below for the exact boundaries of the area included in the Plan.

The majority of the work is being carried out by Kirkheaton Future, a local group made up of a cross-section of the village.  Everyone is encouraged to get involved and many people have already taken part by completing questionnaires and attended various events in the village.

The Plan is nearing completion, having passed through most of the stages required and with all the various assessments having been carried out.  It will soon be put out for public consultation, as it is important that it has the support of local residents.  If you are a resident or involved with a business in the Neighbourhood Area, please let Kirkheaton Future know your views at:

The final stage will be the referendum when everyone living in the area the Plan covers, will be asked to vote on whether or not it should be adopted. 

For more information please visit the websites below:

Further information on Neighbourhood Plans can be found on Kirklees Council's website: