Grant Schemes

The Council has made significant changes to its grant schemes.  Grants for: Community Projects, Defibrillators, Emergency, Environment, Library and Start-up have all been combined into one scheme called the General Grant Scheme. 

All groups will need to have a Constitution in place, which requires them to hold an Annual Meeting at least every 15* months and elects the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer as a minimum.

If your organisation does not have a Constitution, you are advised to put one in place before making a grant  application. 

* The original limit of 13 months has been amended to 15 months. 

The level of funding available will depend on the size of your grant application:

Up to 100% of the project cost for grants up to £750
Up to 80% of the project cost for grants from £751 to £2,999
Up to 50% of the project cost for grants over £3,000

The maximum grant available is £5,000.

For grants over £750, groups will need to specify how the remaining cost is to be covered before the grant can be released.

Please download the General Grant Scheme Rules for full details.

The application form is available below in both Word and PDF formats:

General Grant Application Form 2017-18 WORD

General Grant Applciation Form 2017-18 PDF

The next deadline for receipt of completed application forms with all supporting documents is: Friday 27 October 2017.

Additional meetings may be called during the year.  If this happens the dates will be announced on this webpage along with full details of deadlines for submitting applications.  A meeting may be called early in 2018 if any budget is remaining after the November Committee meeting.


The Small Annual Grants and the Clock Grants are now known as Special Grants.  The deadline for making an application has now passed - it is expected that the scheme will be repeated next year.  Unless the rules change in the meantime, next year's forms will become available in September 2018 and there will be a deadline of Friday 26 October 2018 for receipt of completed forms with supporting documentation .

If you have submitted an application, it will be considered by the Committee at the meeting on 9 November, and the Council will take the final decision at the December meeting.  Notifications will be sent out to individual applicants during January 2018 and the cheques will be sent out in April 2018, at the start of the Council's financial year.

If applications are missing any documentation, applicants will be given until 6pm on Thursday 9 November to correct it.  If the documentation is still not correct and complete at that stage, the application will be automatically refused.

Special Grants - Rules for Applications lodged in 2017/18