Grant Schemes

Please be aware that the rules have changed slightly from last year, so you are advised to read them carefully before completing your application.  The rules and form can be found on the links below.  If you need any help with your application, please contact the Clerk.

The next deadline for submitting applications with supporting documents is: Friday 26 October 2018

There may be another meeting early in 2019, if there is any budget remaining after the November meeting.

The Small Annual Grants and the Clock Grants are now known as Special Grants.  The deadline for submitting a completed form with a copy of the latest Constitution is Friday 26 October 2018. The forms can be downloaded below.  They are also available in paper format from your local Councillor and the Clerk.

If you have already supplied a copy of your latest Constitution, there is no need to supply another one.

Please Note: The rules have changed slightly since last year, so please read them carefully before submitting your application.

Timeline for Special Grant Applications (Small Annual and Clock Grant Applications):
September 2018: Forms available from the website, Parish Councillors + Clerk
26 October 2018: Deadline for returning completed forms + constitutions (small annual grants only)
January 2019: Notification of the outcome of the application
April / May 2019: Cheques issued