Grant Schemes

The period for applying for a grant in this Council year has now closed.  All schemes are being reviewed and it is expected there will be changes next year.  Full details of the new schemes, forms and deadline dates for applications will be uploaded to this page when they have been agreed. 

2016/17 Grant Schemes

There are a range of grant schemes available, designed to try and meet most situations and to support community groups to complete their projects.  The project, and in some instances, the group itself, must fall within the Parish and provide benefits to a section of the residents in the Parish. 

Brief details of the schemes are listed below with a summary of each one.  Full details of the specific rules and the documents required to be provided with the application, can be obtained by clicking the link in each case. 

Small Annual Grants.  The deadline for submitting an application has now passed.  Applicants will shortly be notified of the outcome of their applications.  This can also be viewed on the Grants Minutes dated 10 November 2016.  The cheques will be issued in April, at the start of the Council's new financial year.

Clock Grants are available to the organisations (mainly churches) which provide a public clock.  The period for making an application has now closed.  Applicants should have received notification of the outcome of their grant, and it can be found within the Grants Committee minutes of 10 November 2016.  The cheques will be issued in April, at the start of the Council's financial year.

Community Project Grant
Aimed at the larger projects with a minimum total project cost of £3,000.  However, the maximum grant available is up to 50% of the project cost, unless there are special circumstances.  If you think this applies to your project, you must provide specific information to support this.  Applications must be accompanied by the documents set down in the form.  Late / incomplete applications will be deferred to the next meeting (if there is one).

Start Up Grants of up to £100 are available to help new groups to form and organise themselves.  To be eligible it must be less than a year since the group's bank account was opened at the date of the meeting when the application is considered.  Late / incomplete applications will be deferred to the next meeting (if there is one). 

Defibrillator Grants are available for community groups, who want to provide a defibrillator in their villages.  The groups will be responsible for obtaining the necessary permissions from the Yorkshire Ambulance Service with regard to the location and the type of equipment to be obtained.  The group will also need to obtain written permission from the property owner for the installation.  The maximum grant available is 50% of the total purchase and installation costs, so evidence of match-funding will also be needed. 

Emergency Grant  The grant is aimed at groups suffering a genuine emergency.  Any grant awarded under this scheme will not figure in the calculations for the Small Annual Grants in the future.  Groups are also recommended to speak to their local Parish Councillor about the issue, but to send applications directly to Angela Royle.  Applications are normally dealt with at Parish Council meetings to avoid any unnecessary delays. 

Environment Grant  Projects must come within one of the aims of the Council's Environment Plan.  Further details on this grant scheme can be read on our Environment Webpage

If you need any help with your application, or need advice as to which grant to apply for, please contact Angela Royle, who will be happy to advise and assist you in lodging a valid application.