General Grants

General Grant Scheme 2020/21

The General Grant Scheme is now open and groups are invited to apply for funding to support their projects, which provide some benefit to the parish area and/or the local residents.  To make an application, please download a form below and return it with the necessary supporting documents to the Council either by email or post.  The deadlines for receipt of completed applications are:

Friday 4 September 2020 and Friday 30 October 2020.  Late applications will be deferred to the next meeting (if there is one).

General Grant Appl Form 20-21 - WORD

General Grant Appl Form 20-21 - PDF

General Grant Scheme Rules 20-21

The rules can be downloaded above, and are also repeated below for your convenience. 


Who is eligible to apply for a General Grant:

Applications must demonstrate a benefit to the Parish in general, or to a defined section of Parishioners (for example children, over-60s, etc).  It is permissible to make an application which restricts benefit to residents or the area of a named village community within the Parish. 

All applicants must:

a)    have a written constitution which states the name and aim(s) of the organisation; states the eligibility criteria for membership; requires that there is an AGM at which Officers are to be (re-)elected for a term of office not exceeding 15 months; requires that such Officers are at a minimum Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

b)   have an active Bank or Building Society account, or is in the process of opening an account.

Applications from churches and schools which, by their nature do not meet the criteria at (a), will still be eligible for consideration by the Committee, subject to the Council’s legal constraints on funding these organisations.  Please check with the Clerk if you need advice.

Retrospective applications are not permitted, ie purchases / work to be funded by the grant must not be made in advance of the Council decision.

How much can I apply for?

This will depend on the total project cost and how much funding you are applying for:

Grants of up to £750 may cover up to 100% of the total project cost.

Grants between £751 and £2,999 may cover up to 80% of the total project cost.

Grants of £3,000 + may cover up to 50% of the total project cost.

There is a maximum general grant of £5,000 for any single application.  If the grant does not cover all of the project costs, the applicant must provide details to show how the remaining cost of the project will be funded before the application can be agreed.

All applications must be supported by the following documents by the deadline date:

Applications for a grant of £750 or under, the applicant must provide copies of its latest bank statement and constitution.

Applications for a a grant of £751 or over, the applicant must provide copies of its latest bank statement, current constitution and its most recently published set of accounts.

If the accounts have already been provided to the Council in the same financial year, it is not necessary to supply an additional copy.  New copies of the constitution only need to be provided if any changes have been made to the one the Council has on file.

Afterwards: Organisations must return the slip confirming receipt of the cheque. A copy of the invoice/s showing how the money has been spent must be supplied within 9 months of the grant letter.

Deadline Dates:

Applications with all the supporting documents must be received by the Council by the following dates:

Friday 4 September and Friday 30 October 2020.  Late / incomplete applications will be deferred to the next meeting (if there is one). 

A further meeting will be held early in 2021 if there is any budget remaining after the November Committee meeting.   All meeting dates will be posted on the website:

It may be possible to lodge an application for a genuine emergency.  If you need todo this, please contact the Clerk, who will be able to advise.


How will my application be dealt with and what are the timescales?

Applications received by the dates listed above will be considered in the first instance by the Grants and Community Projects Committee, which will make recommendations to the Council.  The Council will consider the recommendations and take the final decisions.  Council meetings are normally held on the first Thursday of the month (except May).  If the application is successful, the payment will be made shortly after the Council meeting.

Updates of the recommendations and decisions on grant applications can be viewed on the News Page of the Council’s website: