General Grants

General Grant Scheme 2020/21

The General Grant Scheme is still open and groups are invited to apply for funding to support their projects, which provide some benefit to the parish area and/or the local residents.  To make an application, please download a form below and return it with the necessary supporting documents to the Council either by email or post.  You are advised to read the rules before completing the form.


Groups must be committee-run, have a Constitution and a bank account all in the group's name.  Funding cannot be paid to a third party organisation.  Groups must also be based in the Parish Council area.  Full details and rules can be found in the document below.

How to Apply:

Please read the rules before completing the application form and return it with the required documents by the deadlines indicated below.  Emailed applications are preferred.  If hand delivering to the village hall (the office is closed), please put it in the main postbox, which is to the left of the main door when facing the building.

General Grant Form - WORD
General Grant Form - PDF

General Grant Scheme Rules

Deadline: Completed forms with supporting documents must be received by the Council by Friday 12 February 2021.  Late applications cannot be considered. 

Please send your form to the Clerk, preferably by email, or by post.

Applications lodged by 30 October 2020

The decisions on all the applications have been taken and the details can be found in the November minutes of the Grants and Community Projects Committee.  The cheques will be sent out in January to the successful applicants.

How will my application be dealt with and what are the timescales?

Applications received by the dates listed above will be considered in the first instance by the Grants and Community Projects Committee, which will make recommendations to the Council.  The Council will consider the recommendations and take the final decisions.  Council meetings are normally held on the first Thursday of the month (except May).  If the application is successful, the payment will be made shortly after the Council meeting.

Updates of the recommendations and decisions on grant applications can be viewed on the News Page of the Council’s website: