General Grants

General Grant Scheme 2022-23

General grants are now available  for community groups and other not-for-profit organisations.  Please see the rules below to find out if your group is eligible and to download a form. 

Please note that the rule requiring groups to hold an Annual General Meeting and elect their officers at least every 15 months has now been reinstated.

General Grant Appl Form 2022-23 - PDF

General Grant Scheme Rules

Deadlines for receipt of applications with supporting information:

8 July 2022, 28 October 2022 and 3 February 2023

How will my application be dealt with and what are the timescales?

Applications received by the deadline dates above, will be considered in the first instance by the Grants and Community Projects Committee, which will make recommendations to the Council.  The Council will consider the recommendations and take the final decisions, at the meetings on 4 August, 1 December and 2 March respectively.  If the application is successful, the payment will be made shortly after the Council meeting.

Any incomplete or late applications will be deferred to the next meeting, if there is one.

Updates on the recommendations and decisions on grant applications will be included on the News Page of the website: