Chairman 2020-21

The Council has agreed to postpone this year's Annual Meeting until May 2021 due to the current pandemic.  This means that Cllr Steve Beresford will remain as Chairman for 2020-21.  He is in his third term of office and has served as Chairman previously.  A Councillor for the Lepton ward, Steve is a keen sports fan and is actively involved in Lepton Highlanders and Lepton Community Link. 

The other positions, which are normally elected at the Annual Meeting will also remain as they are.  So Cllr Derek Hardcastle will continue in his role as Vice Chairman.  He has been on the Council since 2003 serving in the Lepton and Kirkburton wards.  He is especially keen to support community groups in the local area.

The Chairman is the official face of the Council and normally attends many community events in the Parish throughout the year.  Cllr Beresford is hoping to return to this side of his duties as soon as the pandemic allows.  If you would like him to attend an event you are organising, please write/email the Clerk at the Council offices or 

He will attend if he possibly can, but if he is unavailable, we will try to arrange for the Vice Chairman to attend.