Apply now for your Council Grant

Community groups are now invited to apply to the Special Grant Fund (Small Annual Grants  & Clock Grants).  The rules have changed since last year, so you are advised to read the Guidance before completing the form.  Groups will need to demonstrate that they have received a grant previously over the last two years, or have a Constitution showing that they serve their local community.

Groups are able to apply for up to £250.  The funding can be used for a wide variety of things such as new toys, new sports kit / equipment, Christmas parties, summer trips, or even to help with the running costs.  However, there are items for which the Council cannot provide funding, such as equipment required to deliver the National Curriculum to schoolchildren.

Please click the Grant Schemes tab above to obtain a copy of the Guidance and Application Forms. They are also available as paper copies from Burton Village Hall, the local Parish Councillors and the Clerk.  They can be emailed out on request.

Groups are also able to apply for a General Grant - scheme which replaces Community Projects, Defibrillator, Emergency, Environment and Start-Up grants.  Full details of eligibility, rules and supporting documents required to accompany the application can be found on the Grant Schemes tab above.

The deadline for receipt of completed forms for all schemes with supporting documentation is Friday 27 October.  Late applications will automatically be refused.