An update on grants

The period for applying for Small Annual Grants and Clock Grants has now closed. 

What happens now?
The Committee has made recommendations on all of the applications, and the Council will be taking the final decisions at its December meeting.  All applicants will be individually notified of the outcome of their applications in January.  If the grant has been approved, a cheque will be issued in April, at the start of the Council's new financial year.

General Grant Applications
The Committee considered 15 applications and has made recommendations to the Council on each. The Council will take the final decisions at its meeting on
7 December. If the application is successful, the cheque will be issued soon afterwards. In some instances, applicants have been requested to provide further information. Letters / emails will be sent out in January with full details of what is required.

Next Meeting
There is a small amount of budget left for grants, so there will be another Committee meeting in February 2018. The deadline for receipt of completed application forms with the necessary supporting documentation is Thursday 1 February 2018.