Covid Emergency Grant Fund

The first deadline for this Grant Scheme has now passed.  The Council will review the need for it at the next Management & Finance Committee meeting.  If further funding is agreed, the deadline dates for submitting applications will be posted on this page. 

Is your community group suffering from financial hardship?  Are you not able to meet or hold fundraisers?  But at the same time you still have to meet the running costs to keep your organisation running.

We may be able to help!  If you have received a small annual grant over the last two years, you can apply for our new Emergency Covid Grant.  Please download a form from the link above and email it to the Clerk by 2 July.  There is no need to supply any supporting documentation.

Give full details of the income you are missing out on, as well as the level of expenditure you still need to cover, so the Council can see the level of financial difficulty you are experiencing.

Late applications CANNOT be accepted

All valid applications will be considered by the Grants Committee, and the Council will take the final decisions at its meeting on 5 August.  Successful applicants will receive their funding soon afterwards.