The Council has made funding available to community groups,who want to provide a defibrillator in their villages.  The groups will be responsible for obtaining the necessary permissions from the Yorkshire Ambulance Service with regard to the location and the type of equipment to be obtained.  The group will also need to obtain written permission from the property owner for the installation.

The equipment needs to be sited in areas of high footfall and be accessible to the general public 24 hours per day. Priority will be given to villages where there is no current access to a defibrillator but the Council will consider applications from all villages, taking in to account the individual needs of the community. 

It needs a regular electricity supply, and must be checked on a weekly basis to ensure it is in good working order.

When all of these issues have been addressed, the Council will consider awarding grants of up to 50% of the total cost of purchase and installation.  Groups will also be able to apply for funding to cover the costs of replacement pads and batteries, as they become necessary.

How to apply:

Send a letter of application to the Clerk to the Council providing the following details:

1.     Where the equipment is to be sited, showing that it meets the requirements of being fully available to the    public 24 hour per day and in an area of high footfall.

2.     Confirmation that arrangements are in place to ensure the equipment will be checked on a weekly basis.

3.      Confirmation that the site has been approved by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service and the property owner.

4.      Confirmation that 50% match-funding has been secured.

5.      Email applications will NOT be accepted.

Supporting documentation required:

1.        Written permission from the property owner and Yorkshire Ambulance Service approving the installation.

2.        Quotes showing the purchase and installation costs of the equipment and the cabinet.

3.        Evidence that match-funding has been secured.

All information and documentation must be provided with the application.  Incomplete applications will be deferred to the next meeting.

What happens next?

Applications will be considered in the first instance by the Grants & Community Projects Committee. The Committee will pass recommendations to the Council where the final decision will be taken.  If approved, the cheque will be issued at the same meeting.

The 2016-17 funding round is now open.  The deadline for the receipt of complete applications at the Council Offices are: Wednesday 1st June 2016 and Friday 28th October 2016.  There may be an additional meeting in early 2017 if there is any budget remaining by then.  Incomplete or late applications will be deferred to the next meeting (if there is one). 

Funding For Defibrillators (WORD)

Funding For Defibrillators (PDF)