Environment Grants

The period for submitting environment grant applications for this Council year has now passed.  All grant schemes are currently under review and details of the schemes available for 2017/18 will be posted on the Grants Webpage wn they have been finalised.

2016-17 Environment Grant Scheme

Environment grants are available to support community projects of an environmental nature in any of the Council's villages.  They must fulfill at least one of the Aims of the Environment Plan

Heritage: To preserve our cultural heritage, value our historical assets and learn from our past.

Biodiversity: To conserve and create habitats and encourage biodiversity.

Appearance: To improve and protect the aesthetic beauty of our surroundings.

How to make an application:

You will need to fill in an application and send it in to the Council with all the necessary supporting information required. Applications forms for 2016-17 are now available to download below.  


Supporting Information Required:

The most recent income & expenditure account for the previous year and details of the latest balance. (This includes schools and churches)

A copy of the most recent bank statement (photocopies are acceptable).

A copy of the current constitution, unless a current copy is already held by the Council.  Schools and churches are exempt from this requirement.

Quotes are required, the number depends on the cost of the work/purchase to be made.  Please see Page 3 of the application form for full details.

If the Group's preferred / supplier is not the lowest quote, applicants must also provide a statement explaining the reasons.

If the project is on land owned by a third party and/or if planning permission is required, applicants must provide evidence that the permission/s have been received.

If the application is missing any of the above documentation by the deadline, it will be deferred to the following meeting (if there is one).

What happens next?

Applications are considered by the Grants & Community Projects Committee in the first instance, with the final decision being taken by the Council.  The Council meetings are normally on the first Thursday of each month.  If the applications are approved, the cheque will normally be issued at the same meeting and sent out about a week later.

Please do not hesitate to contact Angela Royle if you need any assistance with your application.