Committee Membership 2022-23

Environment & Climate Change Committee

The Committee considers and progresses environmental projects alongside community groups, particularly those projects which would increase biodiversity in the area, and to play a role in addressing the climate emergency. 

Membership: Cllrs Alison Munro (Chairman), Richard Burton, Andrew Cooper, John Cowan, David Knight, Tricia Moores, Peter Taylor and Clare Walters, Andrew McCaig, Robert Barraclough.

Grants & Community Projects Committee      

The Committee considers grant applications.  It also manages the Council's dog fouling project. 

Membership: Cllrs Bill Armer, Ray Bray, Pamela Brook, John Cowan, Peter Cunnington, David Knight, Alison Munro Jimmy Paxton, Bob Smith Robert Barraclough and Clare Walters.

Land and Property Committee    

The Committee oversees the risks associated with all responsibilities and activities of the Parish Council.  It reviews the schedule of risks and all inspection reports submitted by the contractor covering areas where the Parish Council has responsibility, and makes risk assessment inspections when required. It also deals with all issues relating to the allotment gardens, Kirkheaton Churchyard and public seats. 

Membership: Cllrs Richard Burton (Chairman), Anne Booth, John Cowan, Peter Cunnington, David Knight, Tricia Moores, Jimmy Paxton, Clare Walters, Robert Barraclough and Marjorie Wheelhouse.

Management & Finance Committee

The Committee deals with all issues connected with the running of the Council and matters with financial implications.  It manages & prioritises the various projects with which the Council is involved and has delegated authority to take decisions on staffing hours in excess of core hours needed to enable projects to be completed or to deal with exceptional issues.

Membership: Cllrs Robert Barraclough (Chairman), Bill Armer, Steve Beresford, Ray Bray, Pamela Brook, Richard Burton, John Cowan, Derek Hardcastle, Jimmy Paxton and Peter Taylor.

Neighbourhood Plans Committee
The Committee's remit is to assist the Community Groups' Steering Committees in completing neighbourhood plans, and to undertake all the tasks required in the Parish Council's role as the Qualifying Body.

Membership: Cllrs Pamela Brook (Chairman), Steve Beresford, Richard Burton, John Cowan, Simon Duffy, Andrew McCaig, Alison Munro, Bob Smith, James Spivey, Robert Barraclough and Clare Walters.

Staffing Committee     

The Committee deals with HR issues and acts as a two-way forum to encourage communication between the staff and the Council on matters of administration.  The Committee has delegated authority to make all decisions relating to staff and their employment, excepting recruitment, termination, resignation and decisions in excess of core hours. 

Membership: Cllrs Derek Hardcastle (Chairman), Bill Armer, Robert Barraclough, Steve Beresford, Pamela Brook, Richard Burton and John Cowan.

The Chairman of each committee is elected at the first meeting of the year.

Meetings are arranged as and when they are required - please see the Meetings Page  for the latest schedule.