Gardening Tips

No matter how long you have been growing your own vegetables either in your garden at home or on your allotment, there is always something new to learn.  Below are links to some organisations which provide lots of useful information on all subjects connected with gardening and growing your own fruit and vegetables, as well as a guide to the tasks appropriate for the month.  So click the links to find out more.

Garden Organic A national charity established for organic growing.  It provides a range of programmes to enhance individuals, communities and the environment through organic growing.  The website contains a whole range of useful and interesting information, as well as details of how to join.

Green Uses for Waste An interesting website packed with information on composting and reducing / re-using waste.

Royal Horticultural Society The Royal Horticultural Society needs no introduction. The link directs you to the section on gardening, where you will find a wealth of facts and information on all aspects of gardening and growing your own food. It is also possible to become a member - full details including what you get from the membership are included on the website.

How to Prune Plum Trees A quick guide on how to prune plum trees and the best time of year to do it.  This varies a little from the way apple and pear trees need to be pruned.

BBC Good Food - Growing Potatoes As well as giving information on how to grow potatoes, there are also links to tips on growing herbs and tomatoes. And when you have harvested your crop: BBC Good Food Recipes have lots of tasty recipes, especially when they are made with your own fresh fruit and vegetables.