General Information

There are two allotment gardens run by the Parish Council in Marsh Lane, Shepley and at Wakefield Road, Grange Moor, which are let subject to a lease to residents of the Parish Council area.  The main legal restrictions of the tenancy agreement are that people must live in the Parish and the produce is for domestic consumption only. 

Both sites are currently fully let, but parishioners are welcome to put their name on a waiting list.  Plots will be allocated in the order in which people have contacted the Parish Council.  To put your name on the list email: giving your full postal address.  If you are only interested in one site, please include that information in your email.  It should be noted, however, that the waiting list is very long, so the wait is likely to be considerable. 

In Grange Moor the Council has put in a lot of time and resources into improving the site for the tenants.  There have been 2 phases of improvement works, the latter primarily aimed at addressing the drainage problems.  It was also one of the first sites for the Fruit Tree project, when Councillors and tenants worked together planting a variety of fruit trees and shrubs on the communal areas of the site. Full details of the project can be found on this  link  There has also been two series of gardening workshops attended by tenants, Councillors and staff, covering a whole range of topics chosen by the participants.

More recently, Councillors and tenants planted some saplings at the top of the allotments.  They are suitable for wetland areas, so it is hoped that as well as adding to the biodiversity, the saplings will also help with the drainage issues.