Latest News on Superfast Broadband

As part of the Superfast West Yorkshire & York programme, fibre-optic broadband is now available in most of the Parish Council area, with Flockton being the latest village to be included.  This means that residents are able to upgrade to a better broadband deal by contacting an Internet Service Provider (ISP) of their choice.

For further information please visit:

How to upgrade

Residents and businesses can follow two easy steps to upgrade to fibre broadband...

Step 1: Check if you can upgrade

You’ll need to upgrade to benefit from faster broadband speeds. One postcode could be served by 2 or more cabinets so it is important to check if you can upgrade by address, not just postcode. 

Step 2: Find the best deal for you

Contact your existing supplier as well as using broadband comparison sites for free, impartial advice to find the best deal for fibre broadband.  Try, (other comparison sites are available).

Residents in areas of poor/limited or no broadband availability can register their interest – they will then be emailed directly when it becomes available